PicCollage Company




The products we build center around finding new ways to make the world more fun and creative. We want to make it easier for everyone to make cool stuff with photos and videos. We believe that, the easier it is for people to make and share what’s in their imagination, the more connected the world will be.


PicCollage has been downloaded by over 200 million people around the world. The app provides a canvas to bring photos and videos together with creative elements and templates that evokes the craft of handmade scrapbooking in a digital space.

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PicCo Video

PicCo Video uses AI technology to make video editing easy, quick, and fun. The app helps you instantly transform your photos and videos into aesthetic video edits and stories.

Widget Go

Widget Go is an easy-to-use widget maker with various aesthetic widget templates. Widget Go to unleashes your creativity and allows you to quickly and easily personalize your home screen.


Salut makes saying hello to loved ones quick and easy. Instantly create virtual greeting cards to send to your friends and family in a cute and simple way.

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Convert is an easy and sleek way to format your photos for sharing. Convert helps you convert different image formats into videos, GIFs, or Live Photos.


QuickMo turns your photos a slideshow video in seconds. The app provides different video canvas sizes to make a perfect square post or a vertical story and allows you to share in the format of videos, GIFs, or Live Photos.


Sparko amps up photos by transforming them into animate GIFs. The apps auto-cutout feature and integrated animations add delight to a still photo to give it that extra something special.


Vibes takes raw video and transforms it into a polished edit within seconds. The apps machine learning ai trims video highlights, adds transitions and pairs it all with music to make it easy to share the best moments from a day.